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In Reality Lab

IRL415 is a lab and community in San Francisco working on hard tech to improve the human condition by increasing trust and coordination between individuals and groups.  


Technology is a neutral force.  Like fire, it can be used for help or harm.   In recent years, many harmful examples have emerged and been amplified by a focus on short-term returns.  We have devoted too many resources to unimportant and/or harmful uses of simplistic technologies, such as social media and advertising.   

But there remain many inspiring opportunities to create unique new technologies that help us all, including a subset that can even  become  great businesses. 

If you are are an engineer, designer, entrepreneur or investor and are working on or interested in working on these types of projects (some of our current ones are listed below), please reach out using the form at the bottom of this page.


Use AI to talk to strangers

Chat Roulette meets Google Maps -  encouraging you to talk to people in as many different countries and languages as possible, while always able to speak in your native language.  Use AI to put captions under the video in your language, as well as to keep the calls positive.   

Currency based on Trust

Communities with internal trust don't need to use dollars or  bitcoins to engage in trade.  Instead, they can print their own currency, with everyone getting an equal and ongoing share.  When trading with other communities, they can instantly exchange their currencies at market value. 

Friends In Common 

Imagine finding friends in common or groups you share with people nearby, exchanging contacts without needing to give out your phone number or email, and being able to safely share your location and communicate with those you want to, even if the internet is completely down.  

Beyond Zoom

Imagine a gathering where everyone could make natural eye contact, with multiple remote and IRL participants together.  Such a thing would instantly reduce our need for air travel.    

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